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Content creation for coaches & nonprofits

You know content creation is important for your business or organization, but...

  • You are busy running your business & serving your clients.
  • You have budgets to worry about, grants to manage, sales to make, and staff to supervise.
  • You have programs, services & products to create.
  • You don't know where to get started and do not have time to figure it out.
  • It seems pointless to waste time on something that doesn't immediately impact your clients.
  • With everything you have to get done in a day, it just isn't a priority.

It's time for you to use a content creator.

You know why everyone says you need to have a blog and be visible on social media - it somehow helps you to build a relationship with your clients, and it somehow sells your services. 

But how, exactly, does it all play out?

How do you create a content strategy when you can't even see how the whole process can help you build your business or raise awareness for your organization?

If you are a life/business coach or a nonprofit organization, I can help.  Together, we can sort this content creation stuff out, and get you on a path to landing your ideal client - or to bringing in more clients to serve, if you are a nonprofit. 

I'll help you to reach out to your target audience. 

They will come to know you, seek you out, and value your products & services.

They will trust you, and call you friend.

And then they will tell all of their friends about you.

How will this happen?  By working with me, to create engaging content that raises awareness and builds that trust; content that educates and motivates your readers to make a lasting change.

Hi, I'm Shannon,

a former social worker and program manager, turned content creator for nonprofits and life/business coaches!  Just like you, I'm passionate about helping people change their lives.  I love to weave stories and build relationships by creating content that motivates and inspires.


Ready To Get Started?

Develop a content marketing program that draws in your potential client, shows them exactly how you can help them turn their life around, and then turn them into raving consumers! 

Content Marketing For The Helping Professional

A tell-all guide!  If you are looking to build a REAL relationship with your readers then this guide is for you!  We are helping professionals; we aim to help our readers solve their problems and change their lives.  If you want to learn how to craft content that motivates them to do just that, then stay tuned!

Content Creator

Ready to reach out and connect to the people you want to serve?  Then it's time to hire your content creator!  Get a writer who can create the content, build the relationship, and engage the that you can do the REAL work when they walk through your doors...serve them!

Free Resources

Grab my free resources to get started!

The Strategic Content Marketing Workbook

This workbook asks the tough questions to get you started with your content marketing strategy.  Use it as a guide or a brainstorming session. The answers to these questions will lead you to a content marketing plan that meets your organization's goals and objectives.  A documented strategy will create an efficient and effective content marketing plan!

72 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Get Started With Content Marketing Today

This guide gives you 72 AWESOME ideas for getting started with your content marketing right now!  It covers ideas for your blog, website, and all social media platforms.  Wondering what to send your email list?  Not a problem!  This content creation guide has got you covered!

Let's Connect!

Reach out to me on LinkedIn!  You can find me there, along with tips and techniques for using your content to engage your readers. 

Or Better Yet!

Join our FaceBook Group!  Content Creation for Helping Professionals (CCHP) was created with you in mind!  If you are tired of stumbling over what to do and where to start, then get started in CCHP!  I show up with tips & tools to help you with your content creation strategy.  Plus, you get to network with other like-minded professionals!  Join Us Here!!

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